Brown & Levin

A concert by Brown & Levin is a journey into the music and humor of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. LANCE BROWN says he wrote the show in order to take us back to a time when people had less – but  seemed pretty darn happy anyhow. He says he wanted to show how the music in those days told you to get up, get out of bed, stop feeling sorry for yourself and tackle your day. And how the humor did not dwell on other people’s misery but was more about laughing at ourselves as we tripped over our own shoelaces. To that end, Lance plays guitar and sings from his roots in jazz, swing and blues while indulging his audience in stories and anecdotes that are funny but not offensive. Add to that the warm personality and musicianship of renowned Chicago studio musician MIKE LEVIN and you have a show that will move the body and tickle the funny bone.

Lance Brown – (Guitar and vocals) has 25 years of experience as an actor, musician and entertainer. His nationally recognized one-man show “Will Rogers Now!” has received rave reviews throughout the country. He brings his special brand of vintage music, scat singing and humor to the mix.

Mike Levin – (Tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet and flute) is one of Chicago’s top jobbing and studio musicians. His concert and recording work has received high praise from National Public Radio, the Chicago Tribune, The Intermezzo, Media Muse, and many others. Hot or cool – Mike plays it all.

If you watch the vido provided here you will see that Lance and Mike have the time of their lives. We think you will too.