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About Us...

You can't be serious!
Oh yes I can. I think as I've gotten older maybe I have gotten a little better at this. It has something to do with realizing that one's time on the planet is limited. When we're younger it's all about hormones and angst. As we get older it is about just soaking it all up. Experiencing life and expressing it on many levels.

Lance Brown- Novelty Tunes
Are you ready for some tongue-in-cheek humor in the tradition of Tom Lehrer, Mark Russel and Randy Newman? Witness such titles as "Buzzards in Love", "Little Blue Pills" and "The Slam Square Dance ". I have had tremendous financial success with such songs but I must admit I am getting very little sleep of late. It's those tear filled eyes of the children of the people I crushed on my way to the top that haunt me.

Future Goals
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